Irritated Skin Essentials

Contents: Cooling Cream (60ml), Miracle Moringa Face Oil (30ml), Skin Saver Balm (60ml)


Navigating the challenges of sensitive and irritated skin requires products that soothe, heal, and nourish without further aggravation. Our Irritated Skin Essentials bundle is expertly crafted to provide targeted relief for face and body. The Cooling Cream is a versatile soother for any area of discomfort, reducing redness, irritation and inflammation, with its gentle, cooling touch. It can be used on the face or on the body.

Specifically for the delicate skin of your face, the Miracle Moringa Face Oil delivers intensive hydration, promoting a radiant complexion and bolstering the skin's defence against environmental stressors. Completing the set, our Skin Saver Balm is your go-to remedy for soothing and repairing skin flare-ups anywhere on your body, ensuring your skin remains soft and protected at all times. This trio forms a very helpful toolkit for anyone aiming for healthy, balanced and comfortable skin.

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