Defend Tea | For Daily Immunity Support


70g / 30 servings.

Crafted for proactive health defence, our Defend Tea is your ally against impending illnesses and that unsettling feeling of being "under the weather". Combining nature's protective elements like vitamin C-rich Rosehip, Elderberry's potent antioxidants, and the adaptogenic strength of Tulsi, it sets a fortified barrier, readying your body to ward off colds, flus and infections. Drink one to three cups per day to help strengthen your immune defences, or when you feel you are starting to feel a bit ill.


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Echinacea root supports healthy immune function, for instance by increasing white blood cell count

Tulsi tastes delicious, supports immunity and promotes healthy skin

Elderberry supports immune defences and is rich in antioxidants

Rosehip is a natural source of vitamin C

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Herbalist Note

"The natural way to support immunity"

A nourishing aromatic mix of natural herbal ingredients, carefully blended by our team of medical herbalists to support your immune system
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