Forest Green Candle


Handcrafted in Scotland, this 100% natural soy wax candle is fused with seven pure essential oils, crafting a robust scent reminiscent of a refreshing forest breeze. This candle is an ideal choice for those who like potent, cleansing fragrances that clear the sinuses and evoke the invigorating essence of an outdoor retreat. With a vibrant aroma that permeates whether it's lit or unlit, it purifies the room with an energising freshness. A gentle base layer of woods, from spruce, cypress, and pine, adds depth and serenity to this scent, calling to mind the tranquillity of a serene woodland walk. This candle is vegan and free from paraffin, parabens, and phthalates. It is made with soy wax and infused with pure essential oils; no synthetic fragrances are used. The medium-sized 180ml candle will burn for approximately 35 hours, and the larger 500ml version for about 60 hours.


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A cleansing and rejuvenating scent, easing congestion and invigorating the senses

Promotes a calming, grounding atmosphere

Supports concentration and memory, with antiviral properties

Ideal for creating a fresh, tranquil environment reminiscent of deep, green woods

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