Cold & Flu Recovery Essentials

Contents: Breathe Easy Balm (60g), Recovery Tea (45g), Recovery Tincture (100ml)


Cold and flu season can be a challenging time, impacting our daily routines. Our Cold & Flu Recovery Essentials bundle helps naturally address these discomforts from various angles. The Recovery Tea blends yarrow, peppermint, and elderflower to stimulate your immune system, reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract, and enhance digestion. Meanwhile, our Recovery Tincture taps into the power of multiple medicinal herbs to help your body fight any active infections. It also helps ease symptoms, soothes inflammation, and bolsters digestion. Complementing these, our Breathe Easy Balm, enriched with menthol and essential oils, offers immediate respiratory relief, clears congestion, and combats pathogens. This carefully curated trio ensures these products work in synergy, maximising their individual strengths, and providing a comprehensive solution during those tough cold and flu spells.

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