Joint and Muscle Tea | For Daily Joint & Muscle Support


125g / 30 servings.

Our Joint and Muscle Tea has been developed to promote fluidity and ease of movement. It contains potent but gentle anti-inflammatory and pain-killing herbs - including turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon - that combat aches and pains related to mobility, whether due to overexertion or injury. This blend is warming, comforting, and ideal for soothing inflammation and promoting general joint and muscle health.


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Promotes joint, muscle, bone and ligament health

Eases inflammation and helps relieve pain

Helps eliminate toxins and metabolic waste from the body (which may intensify inflammation)

Stimulates blood flow and oxygenation throughout the body

Provides nourishment with a rich array of vitamins and minerals

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Herbalist Note

"A Soothing Anti-inflammatory Tea"

A soothing anti-inflammatory tea, specially created for easing achy joints and promoting healthy movement. An ideal companion to any treatment for joint and inflammation issues.
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