Mahanarayan Oil for Joint & Muscle Pain (100ml)

A powerful Ayurvedic oil for muscle & joint recovery and pain relief. Suitable for all skin types


Mahanarayan Oil is an Ayurvedic blend of 28 botanical herbs and oils that ease muscle and joint stiffness by reducing inflammation and increasing circulation. Our Mahanarayan Oil is developed to soothe aching muscles and joints. It's ideal for post-exercise wind-downs and calming the symptoms of inflammatory conditions like arthritis. Massaging it regularly where needed will help you move more easily and comfortably, without aches and pains holding you back.

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Reduces soreness and pain

Alleviates muscle stiffness

A natural anti-inflammatory

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Herbalist Note

"Tried & tested over many years, this oil is a popular Ayurvedic muscle & joint formula"

A beautiful blend of over 28 botanical herbs (35 herbs) and oils, including Sesame Oil, Ashwagandha, Ginger, Turmeric, Tulsi and Valerian.⁠ These herbs and oils work together to ease areas of discomfort and pain, increasing circulation as they go. Each batch takes over a week to warm and infuse the herbs in the oi, water is added at the beginning to aid extraction and is evaporated of the result in just the herb infused oil.
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