Focus Tea | For Daily Cognitive Support

A powerful natural blend to boost focus & concentration


40g / 25 servings.

Our Focus Tea is the ultimate herbal tea for focus, concentration, memory and attentiveness. It contains a potent blend of herbs that increase blood flow to the brain, heighten your awareness, and support cognitive health. It also works to resolve underlying issues that lead to focus struggles, with powerful ingredients that soothe stress, tackle fatigue, and dampen anxiety. Our Focus blend is deliciously aromatic and refreshing with a hint of rosemary and a cleansing minty undertone. Meet your new caffeine-free work/study ally!


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An aromatic minty blend with hints of citrus and rosemary

Enhances concentration, alertness and mental clarity

Supports memory retention

An uplifting, energising and refreshing blend to ease fatigue and stress

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Herbalist Note

"The Ultimate Herbal Tea for Focus, Concentration, Memory and Learning"

Our Focus Tea contains a strong blend of herbs that increase blood flow and circulation to the brain. It also helps to resolve potential underlying issues that might making focus difficult such as stress, lack of sleep and low mood.
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