Halcyon Bloom Candle

A heady blend of rose & geranium


Handmade in Scotland, this 100% natural soy wax candle is infused with eight pure essential oils, including rose, rose geranium and rosewood. It carries a fascinating complexity, combining a variety of fresh, sweet, fruity and floral top notes with deeper, earthier, muskier base ones. It has a gentle sweetness without being overpoweringly floral. The oils in this candle become stronger on burning and really fill a room with a richly aromatic floral, woody, warming fragrance.


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Balancing, calming and soothing fragrance

Soothes stress, agitation and tension, relaxing body and mind

A range of floral, fresh, fruity, woody and musky tones to turn any space into a deliciously aromatic haven

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