Mint Tea (50g)


30 servings.

Our Mint tea is a deliciously refreshing and aromatic digestive trio, formulated to support digestive health and strengthen the nervous system. It combines the cooling powers of peppermint with the sweeter, gentler fragrance of spearmint and the aromatic, cheerful taste of fennel seeds.


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A delightfully refreshing, cooling, aromatic trio to be enjoyed after meals or at any point of the day

Supports digestive health, soothing the gut lining, helping to reduce bloating and promoting nutrient absorption

Helps soothe tension, stress or headaches

Keeps your breath minty fresh

What our community says about this product...

Herbalist Note

"A balanced blend of fennel and two refreshing types of mint"

A well rounded blend of supergrade mints and fennel for a refreshing taste & support digestion
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