Moisturising Hand Sanitiser (50ml)

A powerful but nourishing hand sanitiser made with Aloe Vera. Suitable for dry and combination (oily-dry) skin


Our Moisturising herbal hand sanitiser provides care for your skin while combating bacteria and other pathogens, thanks to the potent antiseptic properties of our calendula tincture (containing 90% alcohol) and of the essential oils of bergamot and peppermint. The addition of aloe vera and plant-based glycerin makes it comforting and moisturising for your hands, with protective and cleansing properties that will care for your skin rather than dry it out.

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Potently antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal — helps to keep all pathogens at bay

Deeply soothing, moisturising and healing to the skin, alleviating dryness, irritation and inflammation

A refreshing and uplifting minty and zesty scent thanks to peppermint and bergamot essential oils

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Herbalist Note

"This antiviral and antibacterial hand sanitiser is powerful yet gentle, ideal if you have sensitive or dry skin"

It is rare to find an all natural moisturising hand sanitiser
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