Bergamot Essential Oil (10ml)


Bergamot essential oil is derived from the peel of the bergamot fruit (Citrus bergamia). It has a spicy, citrus and floral aroma that soothes anxiety and tension. Bergamot essential oil contains an active compound called limonene, which in addition to powerful antimicrobial properties, helps ease skin irritation and supports immunity.

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Soothes anxiety, stress and tension

Uplifting and energising

Anti-inflammatory with healing and antiseptic properties

Promotes toned and healthy skin

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Herbalist Note

"An uplifting citrus oil that is also energising, promotes healthy toned skin and is also an antiseptic and pain reliever"

The Bergamot fruit is thought to have been created from a cross between a bitter orange and a lime, the peel is bursting with aromatic essential oil and only needs to be pressed not distilled to extract the light blue oil. The workers who handled the bergamot essential oil noted how quickly any wound healed as a result of the contact with the oil
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